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      Ryan was a funny, loving young man who wanted so many things but had the large obstacle of drugs in his way. Ryan was a very accomplished soccer player and loved the sport immeasurably. I am a firefighter and Ryan was very sensitive to when I worked and he would be home with his mom to keep her company. Those evenings when I was at work was their time, time to talk time to hang out and watch TV or go shopping or just be together as a mom and her son. Every couple of weeks, or once a month, it seemed like Ryan would find a new word or a new way to use an old word. Like the word filthy in a good way, “That was filthy!” or his last one was “dank”, dank meant cool...“that is so dank”. Ryan’s sense of humor was fun, annoying, and just plain funny. But, it gave me pause to not take life so seriously.

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