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The mission of the Ryan's Solution Foundation is in bringing awareness of the prescription medication overdose problem to teens and parents. “In honor of Ryan’s memory it’s important for us to take something bad and make it something good by being open and sharing our story,” says Scott DePuy, Ryan’s father and a firefighter with Eastside Fire & Rescue (WA). “Our vision is to help other families who may be undergoing these same issues. We believe that establishing the Ryan's Solution Foundation will help us get that message out to others.”

The Ryan’s Solution teams are involved in the issue of drug abuse in our schools and communities. Their number one goal is to get drugs and drug dealing out of schools. This is done by education and empowering teens to take a pledge of staying drug and alcohol free.

One of the key components of the program also includes education to parents. Prescription medication is more readily available than any illegal drug or alcohol. “We have become the dealer of drugs to our children," says Firefighter DePuy. “Not only do teens need to know, but parents need to understand that their prescription medications need to be locked up."