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Ryan's Solution Foundation exists in order to bring bringing awareness of the prescription medication overdose problem to teens and parents.

We have sponsored Drug & Alcohol speakers to train Lake Stevens and Granite Falls Bus drivers sign and symptoms of drug use and drugs paraphernalia left on the bus.

We support the schools Drug resource Counselors with their projects. (Red Ribbon Week events)

We meet with admin and teachers and problem solve issues that come up. ( A student observed a drug deal at a school sports event. We sent out 250 notices of “what to do” Info sheets at the homecoming game. (we will be doing more with this “GET INFO OUT” campaign.

We are in constant dialogue with schools club advisors and school staff. Creating new way’s to keep the attention and awareness of parents and student on a DRUG FREE campus.

We are a non-profit organization: Please support our cause by donating to Ryan's Solution Foundation at your Local Bank of America